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Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Feb 2014 - Report Duty

hello readers! 

how's life so far? 
lots of things going on lately.. still here in Kuala Lumpur..not yet in Korea
yes, i wish im there too :)
i cant wait to set my foot on the land of Korea! hahaks!

before going to Korea, i actually have to do some stuff here
its more like a assignment, in a project form
we have to complete the assignment in order for us to go to Korea
so after briefing just now, the faster the better..the faster i can enjoy my time :)

so here's the project:
we have to come out with a video, more like an introduction video about UniKL
lots of interviews to conduct..with the dean, the deputy dean, and the international students ('^.^')
i am looking forward to finish this assignments as soon as possible

til then, take care darlings!
have a good day and great weekends!


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