Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Second Day in Seoul

this is me walking from my dorm to Hanyang Plaza accompany a friend from Indonesia to post some stuffs to his friends in Busan.
today i went to MyeongDong and Namdemun Market
bought some toiletries..
lunch..then have a walk..
go back to my dorm..
soooooooo tired of walking!
everyday, i have to walk and 'climb' the hill
i was superbly far to go from one place to another! 
especially from my dorm to the subway station!
urgh! superbly tired!
how i miss my darling's car right now!

this is me..
posing at the Hanyang University's subway station. Hanyang University is the only university in Korea that have subway station in campus! how cool is that right?
i wish the station is near to my dorm T.T

till then

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