Thursday, July 3, 2014


dear followers,

was the one of the biggest day in my life
today is the day where i started on my kinda-part-time-job
while waiting to continue my studies, i decided to look for a gain experiences in real life with real people and real job.

im not sure how much will i get in a month, but im sure its gonna be more than 1k
Ibu asked me to ask for 1500, but according to one of the employee here, she said that its too much for a part-timer like me
so well, i cant ask for more then..

having a job now is more than enough for now
while gaining experience, i can have some pocket money too
just in case i might need some for my masters soon

some of my friends got call from campus to go for a briefing on continuing studies in Korea. but unlucky for me, i didnt get any call from anyone
thats a sign that i have to do it myself
no one will help me, only ME who can help myself

one of the lessons in life: DO NOT DEPENDS ON OTHERS!

tak pe la..let bygones be bygones
now, usaha sendiri
insyaAllah..kalau ade rezeki, ade la..kalau tidak, kite cari rezeki lain pulak..

til then

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