Friday, July 11, 2014

New Life

ive been working for a week now.
and i feel great!

i have lots more to learn
since this company is almost about websites, so i was force to be in this web-field
during my study days, i ALWAYS avoid websites


im not good at it.
i dont like to spend almost all of my time trying to figure out how to do to do that..
ive tried, make this, make that..but it too simple. websites that are live on the net now are amazing. the have weird drop down menu and so many more advanced things

so now, ive been bugging my colleague whenever i received new task from clients
updating is not as easy as click click click..and drag drag drag..and drop drop drop..
when u edit something tiny, i may brings changes to the website; the layout

YES! we're talking about simple EDITING
when i edit something, the layout then fall into pieces that then, i dont know how to do it again..

u may see the very nice design on the outside..BUT, behind all those nice nice thingy, MAJOR DISASTER!
im hoping that what i feel today will just be a temporary feeling as im a newbie. in the future, i hope i wont be feeling this anymore, InsyaAllah

sometimes, not knowing things is good
so that we learn new things, and not just assuming u know everything. i think im dealing with my life well now.
all this while, ive been working in my dad's company. so, i will just have to deal with my dad. now, dealing woth REAL people and REAL BOSS, *sigh* kinda tiring actually. first u want it to be this way..then u dont like it this way..soooooo fussy..yes, that REAL LIFE. the thing that u have to deal with everyday. i think that its a good thing. dealing with people. all this while, people have been following me; what i like, what i dont. now, this is life. you wont get to depends on ur parents all ur life. one day u have to go out there and face the world alone.
im just 24, my life is gonna be loooooooooooong *insyAllah* more. i have to face more things in life. its a good thing that i started this phase in my life now.

so lil bit on my working life:
im called 'Junior Web Designer'
and i only go to the office 3 times in a week. when i first started working, i choose Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday..well, u know la kn..bleh balik cuti awal and finish cuti lambat..haha! but then, my days changed..i need to go to the office on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday..*im still going to get that Monday Blues i guess..
other days, im working for home
yeah, its sweet..but..i still need to do my works..i still receiving emails from clients on my way back home.
i have to work from 9-6 *according to the papers* but since its fasting month, i can go as early as 4 if and only if i finish my work for the day..other months, i can go back as early as 5pm, as soon as i finish my work. i have to be in the office at 9 *according to the papers*, but i am sooooo lucky that theyre not THAT strict with working time. they understand; KL's jamssss, overslept..haha! well, as long as u did ur work properly, it wont be any problem :)
Alhamdulillah..ive been knowing these people in the office from 3 years ago, when i did my internship. theyre all nice and funny. so my working life is not that stressful..
even my boss is funny!
i think that are all for now..i will update more soon 
happy fasting


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