Monday, November 17, 2014

Aflah & Alia Anniversary!

anni..not monthly..

first of all, alhamdulillah..
we still putting up with each other very well
tipu lah kalau i kate we did fight..we almost everyday la..but not that chronic..
Aflah is the kind of guy for me that is Mr.Right. maybe because he is older than me, so he is matured enough to let me be the Mrs. ALWAYS Right.
gaduh gaduh kecik tu biase la kan..
but i can say that i am the one yg selalu xpuas hati ini la..itu la..
then merajuk..

Aflah is kinda guy yg actions speak louder than words
mmg susah lah nk dgr die ckp "I Love You" everyday
but he is kinda guy yg buy roses on random that..on random day


My Dear Mr.Saranghae,
thank you for being such a nice guy. u always respect me, my decision. i know, sometime being with me is like having pain in the ass, but ure still here. thank you.

for supporting what im doing
for willing to wait for me
for putting up with me
for showering me with ur love

-Alia Amira-

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