Tuesday, November 4, 2014


meeting new people
sometime its a good thing, and sometime its a bad thing

i would say, it depends on where did we met that person
good place usually have good people, and vice versa

i love meeting new people
new people usually brings new vibe

like last week,
i followed Aflah to his Dukers convoy to Sepang
i can say that most of them are nice and polite
sape kate brader moto garang? *okay, thats my perception*
even that i dont know how to ride and im TOTALLY lost when theyre talking about parts..helmet's brand la.. they still treat me as if im one of them
in fact, they invited me to hangout with them again ;)

usually, i dont go because..well..emmm..
first of all, i dont ride. my back and butt hurt when im on bike. even from Cyberjaya to my place in Kg Baru. yep, its kinda 25mins journey ONLY!
i still remember my first time on Aflah's bike. he have to stop like a lot of times just to let me stretch my legs..yep, that bad.

so now, im happy that i met new people~
this is not Mat Rempsss's club
they got diff mentality from those kind of people

and now im eager to learn how to drive a bike..haha! who knows, maybe one day i want to buy that bike..kan kan kan..

have a great day peeps!

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