Monday, February 9, 2015

New Me (^.^)


The new me :)
Alhamdulillah..ive decided to give this a try..
ive been wanting to do this, but i dont believe this soon
i thought this could only happen only when im married, with 2 kids..ahhahahaha!

im still on 'on and off' mode
so thats why u might see me sometime with and without tudung

im still learning and adapting this new look

and the best thing is that,
i got to shop for my new wardrobe!
meanwhile, i need cardiganssss..lotsssss of cardigans..!
since most of my clothes are short sleeved, i need cardigans to cover my i can still wear them..sayang la nk bg org or nk buang..

and ive started on my tudung line..
and again..Alhamdulillah..thanks to the tudung opens up my heart towards this..


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