Monday, April 20, 2015

My Juggling Life

hi there

as u all know (if uve read from my previous posts) im both full time master student and full time working as a junior web designer

at first when i start working, i was just came back from Korea in July. I decided that i dont want to waste time while waiting for my application to continue my master. and i eager to gain experience from the real working world. this time, i choose not to work either with my mom or my dad. i choose to be independent.
when i first got paid, thats the month of Hari Raya. i was soooo happy that day that i have my own money now. i pay my own room rental, utilities, my phone bill and my internet subscription bill. that Hari Raya, i gave 'duit raya' to my my my my my both brothers..oh..that first pay..
then when i got extra, i treat my brother to eat. like almost once a week. i feel soooo grown up! kahkahkahkah! during my study time, i often borrow money from him. so i guess thats the time where i pay his kindness back. hihi

ive been working for quite sometimes now. the great thing is that i got to meet new people. the big people of certain industries. i got to work with the people from the government..or even in private sector. now, i got to handle few projects! that feels great too! website was never my thing before. but now, im living with them almost everyday :) yahh..i got to learn how to build a website. honestly, i use templates. i alter the design and structure them later. now im enjoying them. but not as much as i enjoy designing..

with my studies..
hmmm..things are getting tougher now. this semester im juggling with 5 subjects. and all of them require me to write..homaigodddd..seriously, now i only got 1 commitment which is works but i feel like im superbly busy going here and there. i salute those people who are married with kids, pursuing their master while still working! u guys are such inspirational! and even my mom was like that when she struggling with her Master..and PhD. working as a high school teacher..while raising me and my bro..and struggling with her writings..but look at her now..wandering around Amsterdam for tulips with her bff for her birthday..
i want to be like her..wanna go across the globe! but i know thats wayyyyyyy to far to go (-.-) but what can i do now is to do my best. who knows..i might be like her..not as great as her..

in the making

in sha Allah..


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