Wednesday, April 22, 2015


in order to love others, u must first love urself
how can u love someone without loving urself first? 


each and everyone of us have in so many ways the definition of love
so its up to us..up to u..up to her..up to him..

i love how this song conveys positive vibe
each and everyday in our life, we heard what people talk about us
its torturing! its annoying! and sometime those 'talks' played in ur mind


been there

well for me, it usually lasts for about 2-3 days
then, i tell myself to just f*** them off
they have the right to talk because they have mouth..but, when they talked, they gave us free 'pahala'. think again, its great right?

u now urself better than others. u made mistakes, so what? not one stays in that mistakes forever. people changed and people succeed after those mistakes.
just because u made mistakes, doesnt mean that ur life is over. its just the beginning of ur life. to become a better person.
a lot of people criticizing my life, my mistakes..but they dont know me..they dont live with me everyday..people changed..what u see outside, usually not in the inside. i just dont bother anymore. 
say anything you want.


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