Tuesday, August 25, 2015


hello readers,
so after days of designing my own wedding invitation card, this is the final outcome.
i took the layout from
there are lots of choices you can choose from, but this is my choice
its kinda get into my wedding dress's colour
and its also kinda a beach wedding thing

i have to censored few parts as they contains my fam's contact numbers, and full name..
sorry guys (^.^)

if u want me to design ur wedding invitation card, im available. pm me and we'll discuss more about it 
this is the saiz of 1/3 of an A4 paper
at first, i do it as the size of half an A4 paper. but then my mom asked me to change it to this final size. cuz it appears to be too big..hahahahah!
well, alhamdulillah..
all done, and 600 pieces was safe and sound in my fam's hands and they will invites their friends too to my wedding.

thats all for now,

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