Friday, January 8, 2016


1 more day to 26! hahaks!
i just finished my viva week yesterday, and that was superbly awesome! now still back to writing. a lil bit more to go :)

this year,
im gonna celebrate my birthday with new status! wife.

i still don't believe that I'm married now. kehkehkehkeh! adessss..especially when I'm out. i often-ly thinks that I'm still single. i forgot to tell my husband where am i and where I'm going :)

and this year,
i hope,

i will put myself first before others,
i will be more loving person,
i will be more appreciating people around me,
i will be 'forgive & forget' person,
i will be more hard working person, 
i will successfully passed my Masters,
i will get place to continue my PhD,
i will spend more time with families,
i will try my best to be friendly person,


in sha Allah..
let us all pray for the best for ourselves


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