Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Resolutions - Part 2

I have lots of things in mind for 2016
Firstly, i hope that i passed my viva, which is my finals for my the Master program that I've been taking now. i really really hope that i pass that stage. then, i look forward for new PhD program, which i have no idea what will come in my way. I've been searching everywhere for scholarship, and I'm kinda halfway give up now *sigh*

Or, i maybe working. i need real job! good job with good pay. i got messages said that there will be lots of things that will increase in term of price. my current job now don't really give me good pay. but for a part timer, hmmmmm no comment. i just think that i could get more than what i got today.

then, i really hope that my honeymoon trip to Amsterdam and Dubai will still ON! I've been waiting for that trip since October! please please please..everything..please don't get into my way..

oh yea..i got another trip for Nov/Dec 2016..which is to New Zealand!!! and for that also, please please please..don't get into my way! thats a family trip. Ibu said, since we didn't get to go to Greece this year, so lets go to NZ! i am more than happy to hear that! hahaks!

i hope i will still standing in this marriage life..semoga Allah mengurniakan that kesabaran yg tinggi kpd diri ini. i know, there will be ups and downs in marriage life..i hope i will still strong for that moment.

last but not least - i really hope that i can cut down my weight! like seriously! i need to be slimmer! i have going to boutique, not having anything fit for me! please please not try to persuade me to eat! don't advertise nice cosy places to try! kihkihkihkih! 


forget it..i came from a family who lovesssssssssss to eat! and I'm married to a guy who love trying new places..


forget the last part..

till then,

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