Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3rd Feb 2016

first of all,
hello February!
the 'love month' hahahha!

these few days, we've been really busy
me..adapting my 'wifey' life..still..
my mom came like almost every week now
i never thought that Ibu would want to come to my house, and stay with me for a couple of days..seriously? am i dreaming? 
ibu has been halping me a lot especially in getting all the house equipments. hihiks! now i feel like im home!

oh yea..
i have also been busy searching and googling on where to go, and what to do in London..and also Dubai. Europe? i think i got that covered.
fyi, im going off to my honeymoon's trip this 24th March! yep, im excited!
my last year on the European land was in 2007. almost 10 years ago..

hopefully everything will turn out well for both of us :)

till then,


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