Thursday, February 25, 2016

#AflahAliaShortVacay - Kuantan

we started our journey to the East Coast of Malaysia, which is Kuantan
Kuantan is one of the city in the state of Pahang

 straight from KL, we went to this cafe
Location: Kulacakes, Jalan Besar, Kuantan


we ordered this cake prior to our arrival
this is mango cheesecake
THE famous mango cheesecake in town!
so we bought this for Aflah's cousin..she got Dean's List! yay!
*im not sure whether u read this blog or not, but if u are, congrats cousin!*
since we already bought mango cheesecake, so we bought pavlova and Toblerone cheesecake to dine in :)
all i can say is that,
"if ure in Kuantan, u seriously HAVE to drop by this cafe to experience the taste urself"

till then,

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