Monday, August 15, 2016

#AflahAliaShortVacay to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

12-14 August 2016

thats was our first vacation with Ibu and Amir.
me, Aflah and Amir were actually there to accompany out Ibu who wants to go diving. She just got her diving license. 

and, thats the first time Aflah ever went to Sabah. So i got the chance to show him around. not too much due to time constraints. so thats a sign that we have to go there again.




Day 1: arrived around 9pm, then we had seafood something like shellout kind of thing.
Day 2: went to Mamutik Island! so we're there til around 430pm. then we head to the hotel to freshing up, then went to Gayang Seafood Restaurant! Im actually looking forward to eat baby lobsters. but unfortunately, not the season i think. so we ordered pearl lobsters instead. before we go back to the hotel, we stop by the road for coconut jelly! it was super awesome!
Day 3: went to the market to grab some fresh seafoods, then we cook them in the hotel. then we packed to check out around 130pm. we had ikan bangus for lunch, and that was also a must eat food in sabah! hahaha! and again, we stop by the road for the coconut jelly. then we stopped by the Philippines market to show Aflah around. and as usual, i went to Jamilah's for the brooches. after that, we off to the airport! and wait for our 810pm flight back to KL.

til then, xoxo  

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