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Monday, August 22, 2016

precious - 20.08.16

first of all,
Thank you Allah for this precious gift in both of mine and hub's life..


that morning, i was seriously not feeling good..mayb im sick..mayb i have fever..
so when hubs came bcak from work that morning, i told him that im going to the clinic alone, and dont worry..just fever..
so i went to the clinic. he checked me and told me that i dont have he's asking for my urine so that they can run some tests. so i peed.
5 mins later,
i was called back into the room, and he showed me the this pregnancy test.
"hmm tgk tu, awak pregnant lah. tak demam pun.."
i was shocked at that time and dont know how to seriously?
so then i went back together with the pregnancy test

i saw hubs was sleeping..when i sat on him tummy and mumbling about how can he let a sick person drove herself to the clinic..bla bla bla bla..
and then we woke up guiltily and asked how'd it goes
i told him that the doctor said that i was fine..and he gave me something to look at..
i hand him the test..and he asked, so whats the meaning of the test, am i okay or not..
then i was "ntah la..doc kasi ni..pastu xkasi pun ubat demam ke ape ke..kasi ubat sakit tekak je".
Hubs was still half awake actually..
then i laugh like really really loud and said
"syg ni! ni pregnancy test laaaa..i xdemam pun!!! i pregnant je"
he then woke up his body and hugs me..kiss me..and he was smiling from ear to ear
i bet that he is really really happy with the news
he didnt go back to sleep, but he decided to go out to have lunch
so we went out for lunch..after that he said that we wanted to go to Giant.
hahahha he wanted to buy more pregnancy tests..hahahahha!

so i ended up to do more tests to please him
so funny!
he must thought that i was pranking him

to families and friends, thanks for all your prayers..
i also pray that Allah grants your wishes too.

this is super new
and i still cant believe this :)
i know that i shouldnt be telling people, but i cant keep this news to the people who've been praying for me..
once again, thank you sooooo much!

til then,

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