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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sakit Gusi..While Pregnant

hi all,

so..let me share with all of experience on my seriously sore gums!
it started like 2 days ago..i noticed that i cant properly close my jaw, my mouth..and i felt super duper sore! i thought i got a really big ulser over there

so last Monday, i went to the dentist
according to the doctor, there is nothing i cant do now..just bear with the pain..ahhaha! since im about 8months pregnant already, so i will just have to wait..till i deliver..and after confinement..thennnnnnn only i can do something like surgery

i need surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. i have both at my left and right jaw..that is super unfortunate for me. like seriously?!

if ure pregnant, please go and see the dentist for checkup. you wont want to be like me..bearing the pain..cant do anything..cant take the meds cuz it is not good for the baby..and the most important thing is that, its hard for me to eat! i even feel pain when i swallow my own saliva!!! and its hard for me to sleep!

Ya Allah,
please take this pain away from me..pleaseeeeeeeeee..
cant endure this anymoreeeeeee..

i'll update once this pain go away. and let see how many days did this sore lasts with me..hahaha!
till then,

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