Tuesday, February 21, 2017


something like work together *thats my definition on the topic*

im still new in this marriage life, and hav lots more to learn.
i think,
the most important thing in marriage is to work hand-in-hand together. im not a "women should stay at home, be in the kitchen" believer. maybe that works during those days. but not today. 
today, women are capable of doing what men can do. well of course la there are things that women cant do.

so the point is,
husbands should be in the kitchen too! they should be able to do the laundry too!
husbands wont be called 'pussy' if they do those cleaning laaaa..well, come on! im kinda sick and tired of hearing "kau perempuan, kau la buat" or even "thats not a men's job..the women should do it". NO! i think you should do that too!

we, the women did our parts too in providing for the family! so i dont agree with those statement! this is 2017 maynnn! men and women should work together, hand-in-hand!
she is ur wife after all! cant u help?
i seriously cant accept the fact that the wife have to do everything. the husband then come home from work doing what? they rarely and even seldom-ly give the wife a massage voluntarily. the wife have to ask for the massage..itu pun just for 5mins..

so now u got what i mean?

dont get me wrong, i was just trying to make the men to understand, we are tired too.

cant u see, as soon as we reached home, we put out the foods to be cooked for dinner from the freezer. then swept the floor..while doing the laundry..and maybe folding the clothes whicle watching tv..then cook dinner, then kemas the kitchen..then get the clothes ready for tomorrow..then do some leftover works from the office..
the men, come home from work, watched tv..then makan..while watch tv and makan pun mengadap handphone..mandi pun malas..lepas tu bising2 ckp penat..suruh jemur baju kt hanger pun malas! 

so start work hand-in-hand, okay couples?

yeahhh..! we can do it! together! hand-in-hand husband and wife!

with lots of love,

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