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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mud Night

something stupid happened today. haha!
seriously stupid.

me and my cousin, Nani went out to find something for dinner. then we decided to go to Pasar Malam. yeah, super duper gile ramai org. yeah, i dont really like going to Pasar Malam, but if i do, i usually enjoy it. hehe!
so we parked the car tepi jalan. i cant even go out from my side because i dont want to stains my feet. we dont even look at the tyres. so believe that the car was all save.

so we went for a walk for about half an hour. i bought chicken and cakoi. hehe! i lurve cakoi..! hehe! i remembered, last time i bought that was like 20cent each. but now i costs me50 cent each! wawah! naik rege sudah..hehe!

so back to my stupid story, after we bought our lunch, we went back to the car. we saw the cars next to us stuck in the mud. so Nani was kinda panic. hehe! we tried to do it ourselves but it didnt work out. we're super lucky that there are people to help us.

there is 2 guys was in the mud BAREFOOT! seriously, thanks to him. so me and Nani was super blessed that there is "semangat 1 Malaysia" when we're stuck in the mud. haha! there is few indian guys, malay guys, and chinese guys. may God bless all of u who helped us just now.

so now we have to send the car to the car wash. it needs major wash to clean up the mud! so people, next time if ure going to parked ur car, make sure that the space is safe enough for u to park ur car yea..hehe!

have a great weekends dear darlings! im going to bed after this. take care yea..sweet dreams! <3

x o x o

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