Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Negeri Di Bawah bayu

this is not my first time here
my first time, it all about sight seeing and wandering around Sabah..from KK to Kundasang
then, working trip..well, i kill 2 birds with one + sight-seeing
KK, Kundasang, Kota Belud, Tawaw, Ranau & many more
this time, 
its all about eating!
as soon as i arrived at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, i was straightly taken to Gayang Seafood Restaurant. which is about 30-40 minutes from the airport
my flights was delayed to 345pm from 210pm 
looking for seafood to be eat! i am a BIG fan of seafoods! 

first time meeting my mom after a long period of time. last one was after she came back from Korea. i picked her up at the airport 
ta-daaaa! its clams..cooked with ginger! 
Chinese style fish 
hurmm..i think, i never had this was called, Pucuk Manis..cooked with eggs 
Dry Butter Prawns 
few more coming.. 
Soft shells crab..this is my favourite crab! since i am the laziest person in the whole world, this crab is really friendly to be..i could just chew them all in my mouth and swallow them! very crunchy!
whoever going to Sabah or anywhere that offers u this crab, try it! u gonna love it! 
Buttered Baby Lobsters
this is super duper my favourite! the butter is super duper creamy that i could 'hirup' the gravy!
i have tasted this kind of dishes in few other restaurant, but ONLY HERE, the butter tastes like this
*mouth-watering already* 

Black Pepper Crab
another favourite! 
before becoming my food..ha ha ha..*gelak jahat* 

after having dinner, we went to Starbucks at Plaza Warisan for late night drinks, and gossiping, and chit chatting, and wifi-ing..and not to mention, catching up with each other 
next day, i was picked up at the Hotel's lobby at 11am to pick up my mom at the famous UMS. stands for Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
for me, UMS is the most beautiful university. it feels like ure surrounded with the sea. just imagine this, going to class, while walking..and looking at the scenery..ahhhhhh..soooooo nice!
but then, UMS is really like super duper HUGE! if ure thinking of studying there, please consider on having a motorcycle at least! i was hot! really2 hot! 

they are having the convocation soon..if im not mistaken, that weekends
NEXT --->
after picking up my mom, we went out for lunch
the famous ikan terubok bakar
we choose, Adzie Restaurant 

these are few more menus offered, but we choose the ikan terubuk set 
this is what we had 

this is our desert. it was called, alo alo special
its special because it has ice cream on top of it. only in Adzie! 
so now we know who finishes my desert! 

NEXT STOP ----> Bukit Kokol

its was roughly 30-40minutes from KK
the view was spectacular
if ure planning to have a all-green vacation, this place is a must!

we had our tea over there 

i was having chamomile tea while checking on my Foursquare's apps on my tab 
this is my brother's. its something to remove toxin
*we're in the healthy place where every juice u ordered is good for something 

NEXT thing to do ---> Ikan Masin shopping! 

this is how belacan in Sabah look like 

all kinds of gamat..and sizes 
this is coins purse
saw this in Pasar Philippine 
lastly, before going back to the hotel,
Puding Kelapa time! 

then later that late afternoon, we went out having tea at the nearest Secret Recipe 
Earl grey Tea 
Spicy Chicken Cornish

and later that night, Indian Cuisine 

haha! Fish Head curry or Kari Kepala Ikan 
this is how they serve me 

lastly, teh tarik 

another shopping time..haha! not really shopping..just looking for things to bring back to Semenanjung
this is seaweeds. well, people here eat the just like that 
this is how pasar in Sabah look like. very organized!  
my mom is super duper crazy for avocados
in Semenanjung, one avocado costs like in Sabah, they sell in kilos.. 

nice packaging! 

NEXT day --->
we woke up a bit late and had lunch at the mall 

paku pakis masak belacan!
this is how the served Nasi Goreng
the customer to sits next to my table got exactly like that!
if ure here with ur love ones, its going to be romantic and sweet! 

cucumber asam juice! 

NEXT --->
kedai kasut sukan pun jadi.. well, i bought that one! Reebok Zig

then, tea time at Secret Recipe again..this time, i had Shepard's pie! 

while waiting for dinner, we waiting along the waterfront..very2 nice sunset view
and guess what? its only 5.30pm! 

our dinner on our final night here in KK is at Kampung Nelayan
ive been here before for the lobster!

cultural performances 

can u see that? its only RM40 per kilo! super duper cheap! 

titbits..before going back to the Hotel, we pitstop at the Pasar check if were missing out anything..hehe! this is call, Angry Bites..well, this is nice..and i bought some to be brought home. 

well, thats all for my updates on my Sabah's trip..all i can say is that, Sabah is a heaven of food! especially, seafood! u guys should come here. 


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