Monday, October 8, 2012

s t r e s s !

yup, im stressed! seriously, i need vacation (padahal nk g Sabah this Friday). well, what i mean is real vacation that lasts for at least a week. my face is on its way to be sick. hukhukhuk! pity my face adn also my skin. ive been neglecting them nowadays.

wake up every morning, trus mandi. then xsempat pun nk tepek2 lotion trus g campus. well, my class is quite packed this semester. i am now in week 9 *if im not mistaken* so that means there are lots of things to be done. and i still have CyberLaw's presentation to do. guess what? the report of the presentation need to be at least 30 pages! whoaaa! thats toooooo much! mati laaaa..

talking about my stress, what am i really stressed was about my Professional English 2's assignments. there are sooooo many things to do.

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