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Friday, September 20, 2013


hello there

yeah, its been long since my last post..well, i am quite busy with my FYP..

as im living for more than 23 years now, i think ive seen various kind of human's behaviours. i wish i wont be seeing more in the future. one with jealousy, one with kind hearted, one with ego..sooooooo many!
im tired dealing with people who are ONLY use me for their convenience. well helllllllooooo?? im not a doll, okay?!

i knew someone who is actually trying to be same as me. i mean, things..friends..hobbies..
those things, seriously pissed me off! u can do something else than what i did. puhlezzzz! i dont want a copier around me..walking with me, as if like that person wants to push me in front of a moving bus.

and another one more thing.
i hate it when i know people who are not capable on maintaining their assets such as money, try to act like they can. what is wrong with u guys? can u guys live with moderation? im super duper pity ur family especially ur parents. they are tired looking for money, but u just wasting them to show off. please, think of ur parents. unless u have a loaded parents, then its okay. but still, do not show off. not good. trust me. sometimes, i feel like i dont want to talk to that person. it gave me heartache! but sometimes, i pitied that person. that person have to try like really really hard to pull everyone's attention.

oh yea, another thing..I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE KEEP THINGS FROM ME. well, i saw ur instagram's acc when u try to upload photos. hebat sgt kah awak smpi nk kne sorokkn ur acc from me? ke nk wat surprise? once ure picture in there dah almost 2k, then u'll tell me? i still remember what u said "ahhh..aku bukannye gune sangat pun hp ni nnt". so, whats next? wechat? kakaotalk? whatsapp? tango? viber? skype? or KEEK? i know u WILL have keek acc. im trusting my instinct now. mase mule mule dlu boleh je tnye tanye nk kne ade anti-virus ke tak..and how to download songs..NOW? ure start doing things behind my back. oh......! how much i hate that! rse dlu u did that already kot..when u got ur blackberry..pun mcm tu jugak..u didnt tell me. why? takot im jealous ke ape? come on, we're adult now. stop behaving like that..
i dont know what to think. 
so i just let it go
but kinda annoying..


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