Thursday, May 1, 2014

*late post* Aflah's Visits

another late post
my darling MrSaranghae came on the 13 April to visit me
it was just a short visit
unlucky for him, thats the exam week in Korea :(
so he have to follow me to the campus with me












i got to show him around a lil bit
the places i go, the things that i ate..
but i couldnt show him more due to short time
i apologized, and he said "its okay, im not here to touring around. im here to visit you. to see how have u been doing"
seriously, i cried when he said that
he came all the way just to visit me :)
we got to celebrate our monthly-versary in Nami Island, the island of love!
im sooooo happy finally, he got to come to Korea!
then he went back on the 17th April..i didnt get any picture of us that day because i was busy crying..haha!
Thank you sooooo much dear, for visiting me..and for ur you!

i cant wait to be home soon. and start my master asap..start working..earning money..
have a great day everyone!


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