Thursday, May 1, 2014

*late post* Mom visit

dear readers,
sorry for keeping u waiting
yes...i miss my blog too
but i am superbly busy with classes..and studying..and homework..

oh yea,
updates on my Mom's visit here in Korea
yes, my mom came to visit me here besides having her birthday celebrated in the season of Cherry Blossom :)
we managed to go to Gwangjang Market and lots of eating places
i really miss my Mom now! i wish i could have her here everyday
living abroad, far from my families, really sucks
i miss them everyday!
so, i have to agree when people said "distance keep people closer"
technically, we're far, but emotionally, we are close at heart
so here's few pics during that period
my Mom went back to Malaysia on the 13April, but i got to see her until 12 only because she is leaving early in the morning on the 13th..

serious, i regret that i didnt sent her to the airport
i shouldnt just left that night..i should just follow her to the airport even that its really early in the morning
and i thought if i followed her, i will be late for my shooting my friends..but they're i regret






Happy Birthday Ibu!
semoge panjang umur, murah rezeki, dan dkurniakan ksihatan yg baik slalu..amin.. 



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