Thursday, January 8, 2015

. . .

i will turn to 20Dot in few more hours!!!

hows does that feel like? 
*krik krik krik*

i feel like im getting old
with more responsibilities *i think*
hurmmm..but im still a student..what 'more' responsibilities can there be? 
so i guess responsibilities to my own self..?

this year, i am still blessed
to be surrounded by the people who love me
Ibu, Abah, Mama, Amir, Joaquim, Nani, Wan, Aflah, Fatin Athirah, Adiana Othman..families..friends..
i dont mind how they want to celebrate my birthday, the thoughts are more precious

my bro Amir got me present already yesterday. urgh! why cant he surprise me tomorrow?! hihi! and i love the present sooooo much! he always know hows my tastes like.. thank you Adik!
Ibu is going to fly down here to KL tomorrow!
despite of her busy schedule, she still have time for me

Abah asked to celebrate my birthday this Sunday
sbb Ibu is here this weekend and will only fly back on Sunday
in sha Allah, i will go back to Seremban again this Sunday

i will update more later
thanks for ur time reading my post

x o x o

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