Thursday, January 15, 2015

and..still counting..

another month-ly-versary tomorrow!


3 years..and 2 months..

its funny how we first talked to each other..
its was thru facebook..he first asked for my blackberry pin and that time i was like not looking at him at all. i was just "my bb pin is on my info page"
thats all i answered. arrogant gile kn..xfriendly langsung..

since then, we've been talking thru our blackberry
and we've been friends since then

he's a good listener..and good advisor..
kalau die tak tahu, dia akan ckp yg die xtau..xde la buat2 tau..honest..
from first kenal, die mmg da crite his family background
sepanjang kenal die, belum pernah lg la die tipu
kalau die tak de, mmg dia akan ckp die tak de
he's not the kind of person yg ckp ade, tp sbnrnye xde
i think, from there kot..i terjatuh hati

being teenager ni ade lots of ups and downs
die la yg sedia mendengar..gaduh dgn kawan, crite kt die..masalah study, pun crite kt die..
ade this one time, tbe tbe sick..he came from his workplace with kueytiaw goreng kerang together with panadol, panadol soluble, and minyak angin cap kapak tu..
sweet x?
even skrg ni dah lame, da 3years dah, he still do that
 still mlm mlm ajak mkn nasi lemak KSS
he everything i do..and die lah yg byk tlg in my assignments..
jd model la..jd pelakon la..jd runner la..jd driver la..almost all lah!

these few months, he's been seriously saving money
nk kawen katenye
everytime i want to buy something, he will ask me "do u really need this?" kahkahkah! wrong question kot! most of the thing yg Alia nk beli, of course lah really need like really really need! kan? hihiks!


Happy 38th Monthly-versary!
semoga kite terus in love sampai bile sha Allah..

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