Friday, January 2, 2015


 :: H E L L O 2 0 1 5 ::

Happy New Year my dear readers! 

starting of the year is not really pleasing for most of us in Malaysia
enormous floods in most of the states in Malaysia, AirAsia plane crash
many of us are mourning right now
be strong people, in sha Allah everything will be fine..
my prayers are always with u guys

back to the title, RESOLUTIONS

how many of us achieved our resolutions for 2014?
im not trying to brag, but alhamdulillah..
Allah made gave me lots of sweet things last year
and by that, it made me worried that i might not have a good year this year..hopefully im wrong..
we all have ups and downs
it wont be called as life if we only got sweet things in our life right? and its not fair that we only got sweet things while the others got bitter things..right?
Allah is fair
for those who have not achieve anything yet, keep on working hard for it. eventually, you will get the fruits soon. in sha Allah..

this year, im hoping that i will be stronger than i was before. i hope i can be more matured. i hope i can be more successful. i hope i can pass my master with flying colours. i wish i can make my parents proud of me. i wish i can be better friend to my friends. i wish i can travel more..
*and the list never ends..*

i hope..i will be a better everyone around me..
i hope..i managed to finish my Master this year and able to graduate in March 2016..

in sha Allah..

i believe, if i try harder, Allah will eases my route to success. semoga saya terus rajin belajar. 

and..this year, i really really wish that i can eat as much as i want without getting fat

x o x o

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