Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ibu First Visit

thats the most nervous time! even more than the one i got during my scholarship interview!
and yep, ibu came last week; for a wedding and my lil bro finale night

me and Aflah went to the airport to pick her up who flew from KK for work. then we went back straight home. haha! her first impression? i think, she think that i got nice place..hahahah! she didnt say much, so that means that it is okay..hihiks! yay!

a day before & the day
i was cleaning up sooooooo hard! sweeping, mopping! spraying the Febreeze here and there..then there and here some more..
thanks to the inventor! i love you for that! the smelly smelly really go away u know..

* * *

Sunday, 25 October 2015

we went out around 930 am straight to Shah Alam for brekkie. Ibu seriously ate a lot! first, she got the Nasi Kerabu, then Laksam, lastly..Nasi Lemak..
also same goes to Aflah!
then we went to look for money change for my bro..
we went to a Klang..
maaaaaakan lagi!
some of Ibu's friends could not attend my wedding, so they congratulate me as well. malu pulak..we were there for other's wedding and people congratulate me as well..kuat lak tuh ckp..sume pun pandang (-.-) segan ceqqqq..

then later after Maghrib, we went to Cheras for my lil bro finale night. the last night we gonna see him because he is taking off on the next day.
sebak tgk my not-so-lil-bro..i am superbly proud of him. he was dancing all night. he seems to have a great time. im happy for him too :)

when its time to say goodbye, again..i cried..gonna miss my lil bro..
tp xpe sha Allah, everything gonna be fine..
im gonna see him after 52days..

til then,

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