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Monday, October 19, 2015

Ready ke Tak Ready (Part II)

a day after jd bini org ni, still kt umah TokMek, where Ibu is still there as well as TokMek and aunties and xde la rse that responsibility yet..bgn pg pun Ibu yg kejut, then breakfast da ade atas meje..air pun da bancuh..tinggal hidangkan je..

4th day after, we decided to go back. but kne la pitstop kt Kerteh dlu..definitely new experience..dlu dtg as dtg as menantu..jumpe pulak sis in law, bro in law..nephews..nieces..
ade anak buah sorg ni, Yaya for short..really really loves to smile at me..pandang je sengeh..haha! so cute! i though i will be tough for them to accept me as a new family member, but then everything was fine. i got along well.

i didnt do much. honestly i didnt do anything. everything was done by my mother in law. she's the oe who went out to get me drinks, then the next morning, she got us breakfast..hihihi! i guess thats how it is. 

dh la bgn pun kul 8 that morning. hmm..Ibu mmg byk kali pesan, pandai pandai bawak diri kt tempat org. jgn perangai tak snonoh..hahaha!

sampai je rumah, trus kemas brg. we brought back all of the presents we got during our wedding day. seriously byk and most of them are glass bowls and a glass set. so we put them nicely in the cupboard in the kitchen. penuh weyh! 

sambil sambil tu buat laundry..sapu rumah..mop sket..penat sgt sgt sgt! menggile penat nye! then Mr.Saranghae have to work double shift for 2 that left me cleaning and tidying up the house alone..i wont ask for bigger house. it was tiring enough for me! 

then bile da duduk berdua ni baru la get that new environment..nk kne mengemas..nk kne masak..nk kne buat laundry..nk kne lipat baju..TOTALLY TIRING! nasib la blom keje btl btl lg..and still ade la mse sket utk buat sume tu..


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