Saturday, December 12, 2015

Makan Makan with CikLa and Fams

last week, Cik La and kids which are my cousins came to my house in Seri Kembangan
on the first day, we went to the Magnum Cafe in IoI Putrajaya

i, as usually ordered my usuals..the one in the bottle and tasted like pavlova..

on the next day, we went out to IKEA!!! for meatballssss!


i brought my cousins to Aroi Thai, Shaftbury in Cyberjaya for snacks
snacks ke? hahaha! boleh la kan..portion ciputtt jeeee..

all 4 of us managed to eat 23 bowls! hahahahhahahhaha!
these few days are all about food..and eating..hahahhahahaha!

p/s: nnt dtg lg yea cikla..belanje Mira makan bende lain pulak..hihiks!


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