Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Im pretty sure each and evryone of us is thinking of thhe new year's resolutions..rightttt..???
Me? As usual..i will always have new things in mind to achive!
For this coming new year, i want to be a better person than i was in 2015. Ive achived so many great things in 2015, and i won't forget 2015!
Lets recap..
2015 has taught me the high and lows about life. I more matured than i was before..
For me, 2015 flies like seriously fast! Everything went too fast and furious! Kahkahkah! And i am thankful for that. I introduced Aflah for the first time in July, got officially engaged in August..then married in October! See, everything went so fast for me! 
Early this year, i got good grades in my 2nd semester..Alhamdulillah..thanks to all who've been supporting me in my studies..who've been encouraging me to finish my master..thank you sooooo much! I am now in my final semester! Now, 1 more week before viva! Means, my finals!!! If everythings good and fine, i will be graduating in 2016, in sha Allah..Yuhuuuuu! 
The journey to stand at where i stand now in studies, truly challenging! I met so many kinds of people..some encouraging, and some discouraging..i saw so many colours behind one's look. Ape yg baik, kite amek sbg panduan..and ape yg tak baik, kite amek lah sbg we won't be doing the same bad things. 
Thats how we learn.
This year jugak, i think i became moreeeeee close to Ibu! Skrg ni Ibu slalu jugak dtg rumah 😁 im enjoying my life now..

Til then..

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