Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hi everyone!

seriously? its been 5years mannnnnn..
how can these happened? hahaks!
well, let me remind you again how i met this guy

well, we met actually on Facebook. never knew he's been my stalker for quite sometime. hahahah til he asked me for my BB's pin no.
then we talked, we shared problems, opinions..

from the first day i know him,
he's always humble. always honest.

kalau die takde or die tak tau, die akan honestly tell me
he's different from those guys i known..who will tell me stories to impress me.
mule mule kenal die he was like "im just ordinary guy, try to make the best of everything i have"

and today,
its hard to believe that im married! and carrying a his baby now!
rse mcm baru je kawen..hihiks!
tak sangke la..die boleh tahan dengan perangai wife die yg ummm..hard to describe..and plus dgn adik ipar yg sewel duk serumah..hihiks! ibu pulak yg slalu dtg..macam kelakar je..


to my dear, Aflah
thanks for keeping ur words to make me ur wife..
thanks for accepting me for who i am from the very first day
thanks for always being there for me..even if u cant, u've tried ur best
thanks for accommodate me with the best thing u could ever giv
thanks for accepting my families
thanks for taking care of me
thanks for making all those affords

there are sooo many things that i wanted to thank you for

i love you ^.^

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