Tuesday, November 22, 2016

21.11.16 - #18weeks

Hello dearly readers ^.^

So..this is my 3rd visits to the doctor


look how big is the baby is..hahahaha! im kinda surprise myself too when i looked at the screen..according to the doctor, the baby is now hav perfect figure..just that we gonna do detailed scan in 5 see more clearly! im excited! cant wait!
AND..during that day, i will also have to take the diabetes's test..which means, they have to take my blood..TWICE! one will be at 8am, and another will be at 10am..
urgh! kinda nervous! because they used to have trouble while extracting the blood from my arms..they cant see the veins..

please please please..

please pray for me..make it easy for them to take the blood..pleaseeeeeee
so, thats my baby!!! normal heartbeat..normal body growth..just that, Mommy je yg overweigh! thats why i have to undergo the diabetes test -.-

well, till then..


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