Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lil Cousin Wedding! (29.10.16)

Hello Readers!

hhuuhh hhuhh..! habukkkkk!
hahahha dh lame xupdate blog
lazy + tired all the time
honestly saying, im not enjoying my pregnancy life
but thats the truth
u'll understabd once uve taste the back aches, vomiting, sore breasts, nausea, and so many more..
mayb i will be better in time, insyaAllah..

so back to the title,
last weekend is the groom's side kenduri in Kelantan
the bride's side was held the weekend before

so me, hubs and lil bro flight back to Kelantan to attend this kenduri
im want to brag..that..i made that photobooth!!!
well actually me, Ciksu, hubs and amir bounce the idea while setting up this booth
so we discovered our hidden talent!

anyway, congrats lil cousin Rushdan! and to Sha, welcome to the family!

semoga kekal bahagia til Jannah, insyaAllah..

theme: hmmm..i would say batik motives
forgive my auntie in the middle, she lost her kain

lil bro + Ibu + fat Alia + hubs

this was the week before 22.10.16 in Ipoh
theme: ijo kepale itik..kahkahkah
okay, wrong pose. made me look super fatttt!

til then,

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