Friday, July 20, 2012


hello there!

i know, many of u guys must be wondering, what is 'mantai'
thats the most exciting word for all the Nogoghi-rians.
'mantai' is kinda like a mini celebration to celebrate the coming day of Ramadhan
we usually have rendang, lemang, gearbox soup, etc
*lain org/family, lain la care celebration die*

for me, today im having lemang, rendang ayam, and sup tulang rusuk!
those are the reasons why i love staying in Seremban!

so here i would like to wish all of u:
"SELAMAT BERPUASA. semoga all of us memperoleh keberkatan di bulan Ramadhan yg mulia ini"

yours truly,
Lya (",)

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