Wednesday, July 11, 2012

im back!

hello peeps!

im back! after having some issues, now im back t blog!
for those who have been patience-ly waiting, thank u sooooo much!

so, i still have around 2 3 weeks more before the new semester starts. im currently staying at home, and do nothing..haha! just KBS and ramyeon that still keep me company. stay at home alone is kinda nice. u can wake up at ur desired time. well, that was at first. now, im tired of sleeping. nowadays, i woke up at 7. then do some poco-poco dpn tv with the korean songs. haha!

there are lots of things to talk about. well, hows ur exam result? i hope u guys got good results..and as for me, as usual laaa...xnaik, semester resolution: TO DO WELL AND GET GOOD GRADES! this coming semester, im going to have audio and video subject..another tough subject to deal with! *sigh*

anyways, enjoy ur holidays! i'll update more soon!


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