Thursday, July 26, 2012

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the new semester is just around the corner! 
im excited but im kinda nervous at the same time
every semester, i planned to work hard on everything i do. but in the end, it will be something that i feel lazy to do. there must be something bad about it. maybe the lecturer..or maybe the subject itself.
this semester, i planned to NOT looking at something in negative way. i will try my hard to overcome the challenges. atleast once in my life, i want to make my mom proud. i want her to be happy.

so, talking about challenges, here are some
1. there's no more driver this semester. haha! well, all this while, ive been staying in hostel. so, i got bus every morning and every afternoon/late afternoon to go to campus. but now, since im going to stay on my own in Kg.Baru, i have to walk on my own..hopefully there's someone will walk passing thru my gate so that i can have someone to walk with. hidup berdikari scares me! 
2. my darling is not working on shift anymore. he's working on office hour. and its far away from KL.. :-( so, no more extra helper for my its gonna be just me and Aten to work it out..
3. new subjects! there are few subject that i found tough! 
3D Modelling & Animation,  Digital Audio & Video Production, and Web-Based Authoring. those 3 are tough!!! im hoping to survive this semester! nasib baik me and Aten got in the same group! 

...ummmm..i cant think of any more problem at the moment..huhu!

okay lah! will update more soon!

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