Sunday, July 15, 2012

Broga - 15June

hello peeps!

today's post is about my Broga experience.
slame ni, people on saying that Broga is real hard
but i memberanikan diri utk naik jugak
this time, with my cousin, Nani
well, i wasnt that hard
to those yg keep on telling me that Broga is hard, i pity u.
yg sebenarnye org yg ckp tu xnk bawak i naik..huhu! xpun die tu yg pnakot..haha!

so here's are some pics taken on that day!
i feel awesome!
it was my first time, and i think im going again!

ive found new hobby!
memanjat Bukit Broga..! 
sape kte org gemok mcm i xbleh wat aktiviti memanjat-majat ni?
to those yg dis-encourage me dlu, look at me! 
im at the top at the hill! 


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