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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Bandung Trip (30May-3June2011)

hello darlings!
here are the updates on my Bandung's trip last week.
i know this is super duper long entry, but please bear with these yea..

this is when we got on the plane

amir + me

me + mom

once landed on Bandung's land

our first dinner in Bandung. this is called 'Tauhu Kremes'. kinda like tahu goreng tepung. but these very2 famous here.

this is called 'Lumpia Basah'. its kinda like 'popia basah' in Malaysia. but the fillings are different. its more like kuey tiaw goreng pedas..

i cant remember what did my brother was having. but its kinda like their traditional's food 

our first day in Bandung. we took the 'Kelapa Ledeng' to Rumah Mode in Jl.Setiabudi. it costs us Rp3000 each to get on this. (convert to ringgit? almost rm1). its really2 cheap!!!

one tip on getting on this carriage : never get on this during rainy day. trust me, u'll regret it.

the famous statue of Rumah Mode.

from 10am-230pm, these is the outcome. there are 3 more unseen paper bags.

lunch time at Rumah Mode

this is called 'Nasi Liwet'. there are chicken, tempe, boiled egg, and vege. this is different from what i had during my last visit to Bandung last year.

my brother was having 'Mee Kocok'. this is the set. 

my mom was having 'Bubur Ayam'. kinda nice. it was served with minced chicken, tauhu and crunchy 'money bag'.

we're taking a break from shopping at the Dailycious next to the Summit FO. kinda nice ambiance here.

my brother was having nasi with sup buntut. in Malaysia, we called it sup ekor. very nice!

this is nasi ayam penyet. different from what they served in Malaysia.

buying some chocolates. their chocolates are soooooo tempting!

we're ready to go back to the hotel!

on Thursday, we went to Pasar Baru. hunting for baju raya.  

we bought like as if we're going to sell them in Malaysia. haha!
well, we have to buy for Ceksu, Cikla, Umi,, kinda A LOT!!! haha!
ibu got herself like more than 6 kain. phewwww~~~

they are super duper busy treating us..haha! bagaikan raja..haha! u just have to point to the clothes that u might interested with, then they'll take it and show it to u while ure having teh botol on the sofa.
very2 nice feeling!!!

lunch at Pasar Baru. its a must!!!

my brother was having 'Es Teler'. there are avocado, coconut, some jackfruit and some others that i dont know. its was nice. rse die lemak manis..mmg sedap la.

these was served with our rice as a side dish.

my mom was having 'Es Rumpai-Rumpai'. it tasted sweet. my mom said it was nice. sedap!

me? my all time fave, ALPUKAT!!! hehe! its a must when ure in Bandung!!!

this is our main dish, 'Gurame Terbang'. really nice!

we saw Justin Bieber in front of one of the Factory Outlets.

Amir is looking for shoes. seriously, he took almost 3 hours to pick!

i tried this. seriously, i barely walked in that shoes. i dont know how can Lady Gaga did.

dinner time!

this is called 'Nasi Ayam Timbel'.

this is 'Nasi Ayam Timbel Perang'

our last day in Bandung going to Rumah Mode..again..

after shopping, we had lunch in Rumah Mode. we had nasi, pizza, ice blended coffee and dessert!

lastly, our dessert.

we got these ice cream for free after spending almost Rp1 000 000 at The Secret in Jl.Riau

i was forced to wake up at 4am and have have breakfast.

its time for us to go back..tata Bandung! see u again in June 2012

travel in style!

thats all for now. if guys have the opportunities to went abroad, go to Bandung. its fun for shop and fooooood! u wun be starving while ure here. serious, trust me in these. i just gained 2kg during my 5 days visit to Bandung.
thanks for ur time reading my entry.
i guys are the best!
lurve u guys soooooo much! take care darlings! i'll update more soon!

x o x o

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