Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Gangnam & COEX Mall Trip (15March2014)

when we talk about Korea, the most famous things about it is the singers, and beauty products..
anf if we talk about singer, there are lotsssssss of Korean singer..right? i think the most famous is PSY. because of his Gangnam Style i right? everyone in this whole wide world know him, right?
so, i went to the famous Gangnam.

i didnt miss the chance to take a picture of that Gangnam's signage. 
this is the main road of Gangnam.
well, biase biase je..the street are filled with sooooo many locals and international brands shop and boutique..
i came here to see what is soooooo great about Gangnam that all Koreans are talking about.
if theyre talking about clubs, Malaysia have this kind of area too..i think very similar to Bukit Bintang..or Changkat..
maybe because there are sooooo many elite people here..

COEX Mall.
okay la..just like Malaysian Pavillion and KLCC..
all branded items here
and there is Aquarium in there too
according to the internet, COEX is the largest underground shopping and exhibition center im not sure whether in Korea or in Asia..something like that laaaaa



cute headband i saw in the souvenir shop 

today is their they gave beverages, popcorns/cotton candy, and cookies for free!
i love their pink concept! 
this is ABC Mart. kalau kt Malaysia mcm Al-Ikhsan la..all branded sport shoes..byk sale.. 
on the right, its the jewellery that was inspired from dramas..sooooo cute!
kalau rase nk pendant mcm yg dlm 49 Days tu, ade kt sni :)


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