Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Trip to ChangDeokGung (8March2014)

this is my solo trip everrrrr
without my mom..and brother..and dad..
YES, and i never thought i will be experiencing this in my life
something like, study abroad..alone..and making friendsssss..and only talking in English..and lil bit of Korean..
i feel like im in a dream!

living alone makes me miss everyone especially mom, dad, bro, and last but not least, Mr.Saranghae!!!
i used to see him everyday..but now..? only KakaoTalk..WhatsApp..
and i miss to fight with my Mom and Bro..
if i dont have money, how can i ask my bro..? :(
and every weekend dah xbalik my dad's house :(

but i have to be strong..another 12 weeks to go!
time will fly..without me even notice..hihi

so, without further delay, i will straight to my post here on my ChangDeokGung's trip.
on my last trip with my Mom and Bro, we didnt enter this palace. since we're out on Monday that day, this palace was closed. then we went to GeongBukGung. 
to get here, i think the easiest way is to go by subway. and its cheap too.
take the subway, and get off at Jongno(3)-ga. after going out from the subway station, u may see lots of signs pointing to the palace.
so, first thing first. PHOTO SESSION!
this is me in front of the palace :)


i find that, i fell in love with the paints. haha! very nice, isnt it?

and the weather that day was soooo nice.

after that, we walked to Insa-Dong for more sight seeing. haha! 
since ive been there, i dont really amazed of that area. there are sooooo many people there especially the tourists. and lots of souvenirs there, and so do talented people who displays their works on the streets.
it was a very nice window shopping trip! 
we are at the famous SSanziegil. gile ramai nak mampos org. terase malas pulak nk bersesak dgn sume org. so we decided not to go up there.
well, ive been there before, so its not a waste for me. hihi! 


this is an ice cream..stuffed in a 'keropok jagung'. i saw my lecturer done this before, so im eager to try this. okay la..biase je..and this costs me KW3,000. that freezing cold ice cream in the freezing cold environment. kinda regret. because i have to hold that ice cream, i cant warm my hands in my pockets.
oh yea, thats Rezza. we came together from UniKL but he is in Semyung University. that weekend, he was in Seoul. so i dragged him here too. haha! 



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