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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Itaewon Trip (16March2014)

since i landed in Korea 26 February ago, i didnt had meat or chicken..
oh yea, i almost forgot i had chicken at the campus's caferia. but it was seriously 'ciput'.
so today, i decided to go to Itaewon, a.k.a the 'halal paradise' (thats what i think of Itaewon).
this is me, while waiting for the bus to the nearest train station, Wangsimni (pronounce as wangshimni)
*Mark&Spencer Jeans, tailored blouse, Madamoiselle by Etoile long jacket, ClarksAir shoes and brandless handbag* 
so this is the bus i usually take to go to that station. it used to be bus no 2220, but now it changed to bus no 4211. it doesnt stop at where i use to stop at. i have to walk farer than before :( 
many will ask, why didnt i take the one in Hanyang university? the answer is that, YES, its in Hanyang. but the thing is that it is far from my dormitory. i have to walk just like i walk to class everyday with 2 small hills and stairs. and there is no bus.
so i took the easiest way to get to the train station, which is by bus. and the bus station were just infront of my dormitory :)
besides, Wangsimni station is more convenience since this station is the interchange station. which i can change the subway line. *if you dont know, Seoul have sooooooo many subway lines. in order for you to go to one place, u may need to transfer a few times* 
so this is the station, Wangsimni. from here, i have to go to Sindang (pronounce as 'Shindang') and take line 6 towards Cheonggu (pronounce as 'Chonggu') and stop at Itaewon station. and from there, take exit 3. when ure out from the subway, u may see lotssssss of halal restaurant and mostly, middle eastern restaurant. Turkish, Dubai, Pakistani. 

i decided to eat Turkish food today which is kebab.
the name of the restaurant is Pasha. when ure out from the subway exit 3, walk straight, then u will see this restaurant. its just a small restaurant. 
this is me while waiting for the food to come. my excited face to eat the chicken!!! 
tadaaa! this is Chicken Iskander Kebab and it costs KW8,500. Lots of chicken slices. underneath that chickens, there are panini bread and served with a lil bit of fries. truly Turkish taste! 
this restaurant is famous for this wrap, but is doesnt attract my interest..hihi! 

if u ever come to Itaewon, there are variety of halal food choices. if u just came here for a vacation like a week or two, i suggest u to go and have a real Korean food.
i dont think u may miss chicken or meat during that time. but as for me, ive been here for almost a month now. so i kinda want to eat chicken and meat.

here, u may see lots of foreigner!
as for me, Itaewon is not really for me. i will only some here for the halal food :)


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