Saturday, March 22, 2014

We at Lotte World :)


as usual, every week mesti nk pergi somewhere..
kebetulan, friends from Semyung University are coming
so we decided to take on Lotte World

Lotte World for me was okay laaa..
for someone who've been to Disneyland, i think Lotte World is not really that fun as compared to the stories i heard on people's review..quite disappointed thou ~
we are so lucky that we got coupons to get into this amusement park
instead of 44 000won, we got to get in with only 16 000won

there are lots of pic taken using my friends' camera..i will continue updating on the pics soon. for now, these are all i have



after that we went to Itaewon for dinner

these are quite good and kinda expensive too
but its all worth it :)
once in a while is fine thou ~

i think this is all for now
x o x o

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