Thursday, March 20, 2014

my first ever test

hello there,

today i would like to share my experience on the psychometric test that ive just took just now.
well i guess it is true that this test is for them to identify whether or not we can think wisely.

im kinda lucky that there are few friends of mine who already took that test earlier (different sessions). so they told me whats in there.

the test was divided into 3 sections; A B and C
section A, there are questions that required us to think outside the box. its like mind game.
section B, questions on ourselves. we rate ourselves based on the qualities given.
and lastly, 
section C, more on general knowledge. i think this section is the most difficult! urgh! i wish i have more time to think or even google!

but whats done is done.
now i will just wait for the results..soooooo scary isnt it? damn it! i wish i studied more!!!

* * * * *

at first, i was just applying just because everyone is applying. honestly, i dont have the confidence to get these because my application dont really meet their requirements.
my pointer is not that great.
i dont have working experiences.
and i didnt get any offer letter yet.

then, when a friend of mine who is in Korea here with me checked and he got it, i was like 
"hurmm..its okay..i know i wont get it"
then he asked for my IC no. and guess what? I GOT IT!
that was one of the nest thing in my life that ever happened to me! and i was almost cried!
according to this, i have to take an online psychometric test. so i googled it. there are soooooo many people has done this before. so i read their experiences. so from there, i got myself ready a lil bit.
when the day actually come, i just answered those questions. i can say that there are hard questions and there are also easy questions. 
when i finished the test, i got this slip stated that ive sat for the test :)

the test from my point of view was hard. i wish i have more time to answer those questions. 1 hour is not enough, especially when you have math question to answer. 
anyway, im praying for the best now.
i really hope i will get this.
its been my dream since ever to go abroad to study. to open my eyes to sooooo many beautiful things in this world.
my target is that, i want to get my PhD before i reach 30.

ive been thinking about my interview too.
how am i suppose to go for interview if im in Korea right now? the interview will be held next week. what if they reject my application after they find out that im not in Malaysia right now? seriously, this is bothering me soooooo much!
what should i do?

ive done my best for the, interview..


"kalau ade rezeki, ade la. right now, tawakkal je la"

till then, 


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