Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Hello! Assalamualaikum!

So, yeah..if u guys are following me on my Instagram acc, you must have seen these pictures above right? And nope, i am not on diet. We'll, im pregnant and i cant eat whatever i want..kehkehkehkeh!
These are for #mrsaranghae #aflahsaidi.. He have to keep his BMI ideal so he decided to cut off RICE in his daily diet! can u imagine life without RICE???

I cant
hashtag 'melayu'

hahahhaha! so ive been preparing his meal boxes every morning now
grilling everything, and exploring marinate recipes..kinda fun actually..but waking up at 5am every morning is not fun when ure 7months pregnant -.-' 
u cant stand for so long..then ure kaki will bengkak..and not to mention, ur back aches..urgh!
May Allah grand me with lots of pahala when i did all those..kihkihkih! And may #mrsaranghae loves me more..hihiks!

i personally think that #mrsaranghae needs to eat more maggie..or goreng2 thingy..just grilled, or steamed :)

semoga #mrsaranghae terus bertahan dengan godaan & cobaan NASI..ahahhaha


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