Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pregnancy Cravings?

i like this topic!
9 months are the periods where you can bully people around you.
when u said u craved for something, people will try to satisfy ur craves..hahaks! 

you will feel sorry and guilty afterwards

*well i think its the hormones*

like last time, the most weird thing that ive been craving for was lemang and rendang..then we have to go all the way to Bentong for it. it take us about 2hours to get to that place, and not to mention the traffic madness we faced on our way back home.
yup, i feel guilty then.

if ure reading this post my dear hubby, please know that i really really appreciate ur efforts to bring me to that lemang and rendang place :) me and #BabyA was totally happy after that..and we slept soundlessly afterwards..hahaks!

so back to the topic,
according to the elderly, ur baby will be drooling if the Mommy didnt get what she craved for during her pregnancy.
hmmm..not sure whether or not that thing is true..but according to my close cousin, her son might be drooling because she didnt get to eat her fav Nasi Lemak during her last trimester of her pregnancy.
hmm, yeah..that keeps me it true? or just coincidence..?

i personally think that, hubbies should atleast try to find the food that ur wife is craving for. she is pregnant with ur child after all. no harm right?
this mayb sound like the wife's side of the opinion..but seriously, think about it. the wife is one who suffers the hormonal changes; morning sickness..body aches..extra fat on the butt.. and lots more..
a lil efforts from the hubby is TOTALLY melts wife's heart..and at the same time the baby will be happy too.

when ur wife is happy, ur baby is happy too
they are connected through the umbilical cord..hahaks!

till then,

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