Friday, February 3, 2017

Plus Minus 28 Weeks


Yay! Happy 29 weeks #BabyA!!!
Mommy and Walid was seriously happy to see you!
this time ure playing with your mouth and lips! sooooo cute of youuuuu! Mommy cant wait to see you, and kinda nervous to the 'big day'
I really dont know what to expect..and from my friend's experience, its kinda painful..hahahahha! oh yea,  good friend of mine from high school just gave birth to a cute little baby girl! 
lepas dh azab beranak..

during the checkup, Mommy passed the urine test..and Mommy gained one more kilo this month -.-' according to the doctor, #babyA is now now Mommy seriously have to watch for what Mommy is eating..i dont want you to be fat! its gonna be hard for Mommy to push you out soon!!! So please dont let Mommy eat a lot, okay #BabyA? hahaks!

so now Mommy and Walid are gatting stuff ready for our little #BabyA..still cant find the baby cot that i wanted. i wanted something that can be attached to the bed so that we could train #BabyA to sleep on his/her bed soon. and plus, not to cramp everyone on Mommy's bed..hahaks! so Wlaid wont be sleeping on #BabyA. hihiks!

as for stroller, Mommy saw this one set SCR travel system in red! like super nice. and Mommy really wanted them for #babyA..and to train #babyA to sit on his/her seat in the car soon. Mommy not going to let u sit on Mommy yea.. #babyA have to sit on his/her own! No manja manja yea..

i think thats all for now. will update soon :)


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