Saturday, February 4, 2017




i think is the best time to bully #mrsaranghae..hihiks
i was craving for lemang after i saw lemang on tv
then i told him, and then we went to look for lemang the next day..hihiks!
it took around 2 hours to get to Bentong for Lemang To'Ki

 Welcome to Bentong uolssss!
i had 3 plates of these!!! totally worth the journey from our home in Seri Kembangan to Bentong, Pahang
 i only had little of these..the rest is eaten by #mrsaranghae since have to watch of what he is eating from now on..hihiks!
lastly, Mommy had these ais krim roti at the R&R Gombak..seriouly, #BabyA mmg tak high maintainance mcm Mommy. this rm2 ice cream can already made him dancing in there..hahaks!
all this while, Mommy can only eat B&R or Haagen Daaz..paling paling pun Magnum..
but when carrying #BabyA, i can eat all those regular ice cream..hahaks! bagus btl la anak Mommy ni kannnn..? keep it up okayyyy!

anyway, thank you so much my dearly husband..for taking me to the Lemang's place :)
so #BabyA, what's next? hahahha!

till then,

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