Wednesday, August 8, 2012


 im super duper bored!
this week have been super duper busy that i always got lack of sleep! in 24 hours, i only got 4 hours of deep sleep
i need my beauty sleep back! i already missed those time i hibernate
during my semester break, i always wish that the new semester will come fast..but as soon as i got into the new semester, its not as sweet as the dreams..
i dreamed of having balance time = classes + assignments + movies + hangouts
but now, i only got classes + assignments's ONLY
ive started doing my research for my Professional English 2's assignments, gathering idea for my Digital Audio and Video's assignments which is a commercial for hari raya, preparing presentation slides for my Web-Based Authoring's project.
right now, i still wish that im still in bed
i am super sleepy!
as im waiting for my dearly BFF to come, i blog
*thanked God i still have a lil bit of time to mumble here*

oh yea..this morning, i use public transport to get to campus. i met an Indian lady. she is super impatience. mcm la die sorg je yg nk cpt. naik tolak2. and the train move, she puts up her hand and exposing her armpit. 
OMG! i was really2 stink! i smells like something died under there. *well, no wonder i smells!*
because of her, i got so-called-morning-sickness!
i feel like throwing up and dizzy after smelling that. it was super euwing! 
guys, please use deodorant! get the best one possible! please think of others. u made me suffocate!

so i think that are all for now.
i will update more when i got time


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