Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raya 2012

so here are few updates on my raya celebration this year
these are my family members from my mother's side. well, ade lg yg, this side is kinda big compared to my other side
my raya just like the raya-raya i had in previous years
bangun pagi-pagi, mandi sunat then went to sembahyang raya.
balik, put lots of make ups, then PICTURE TIME!
haha! after habis je photo time, org da mule, xsempat la bersalam2..just hand the money envelope..huhu!
first day menu: nasi impit + kuah kacang + rendang + kurma ayam
wanna know how i ate those?
haaaa, just simply mix all of those = AWESOME!
later that night, mee soup at my auntie, Cik Sue.
with fireworks!

my second day of hari raya was kinda full
lots of houses to be visit
and that means, lots of food is going in my tummy
for breakfast, (bihun goreng) we went to my another auntie's house,
then to a wedding..
then to my another another auntie, Cik La for satay
then to my uncle's house in Bunut Payung for KFC + kari gearbox + roti canai

then, we went back to Seremban on the third day of Hari Raya
we held our open house on the 4th of Hari Raya
that morning, we went to Kuala Pilah for lunch
its my another cousin house
she cooked: gulai daging salai + rendang ayam + sayur campur + tempoyak
mak...aih! superb!
then later that night, my cousins from my dad's side came to my house
havent seen them for quite sometime!
open house menu: Mee Bandung
they really enjoy it!


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